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M&MTB X2 680 at Bylands, 12 March 2005.

M&MTB X2 680 at Bylands, 12 March 2005. Photograph courtesy Russell Jones.


TMSV news

Next stop please: Preserving our trams at Bylands

The TMSV has teamed with WorkForce Plus to operate a Green Corps project at our Bylands tramway museum.

This project will involve 10 young people working at Bylands for six months from early February 2006, focused on restoration of Melbourne X2 class tram 680 and the Batman Avenue signal box, as well as performing some environmental improvements to the museum site. They will be working under the direction of a team leader from WorkForce Plus, with assistance from TMSV member Doug Prosser.

In addition team members will undertake environmental work at Craigieburn and Kinglake, restoring and protecting significant areas, carrying out fauna surveys, landscaping and planting, fencing and undertaking weed control.

It will provide an opportunity for team members to gain skills in timber and sheet metal work, panel beating, painting, varnishing and glazing. By laying down some track the team will relive history just like transport workers in days gone by.

The TMSV is proud to be associated with these two organizations in running this community-based project aimed at enhancing our natural and cultural heritage.

Media enquiries should be directed to John Catto-Smith at WorkForce Plus, on
(03) 9309 8333.

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Last updated 5 February 2006.
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