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About the TMSV
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About the TMSV

Our mission is to ensure the preservation of Victoria’s urban tramway heritage for the enjoyment and education of current and future generations.

In order to present the most authentic historical picture possible, this includes the operation of a electric tramway working according to historic principles, adjusted where required to comply with current legislative requirements.

We wish to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for our visitors and our staff, as we have a duty of care to both whilst they are visiting or working at our museum.

Since the establishment of the museum at Bylands, the TMSV has built up a significant amount of infrastructure:

  • one kilometre of operating electric tramline on the former Heathcote Junction to Bendigo railway line
  • tramway electric supply substation
  • two tram depot buildings
  • vehicle storage building for unrestored trams
  • cable tram car storage building
  • motor vehicle storage building
  • Visitor Centre (awaiting completion)
  • Exhibition Goods Shed display building and workshop (under construction)
  • vehicle maintenance shed (under construction)
The TMSV is a voluntary non profit association incorporated under Victorian legislation, and as such donations over $2 by Australian residents are tax deductible. To join the TMSV, post us a completed membership form.

Last updated 13 October 2004.
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