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M&MTB X2 No 680


M&MTB X2 No 680 at Preston Workshops. M&MTB official photograph.

M&MTB X2 No 680 at Preston Workshops. M&MTB official photograph.

Number 680 was built in 1930 at Preston Workshops as the lead car of the X2 class, and was originally numbered 674, but it was subsequently renumbered to allow all W4 class tramcars to be numbered in the same block. It was built for service on the Footscray system, but was also used on the Point Ormond line and as an all-night car.

The X2 class was a modified version of the X1, reverting back to the original Birney format of a single door per side, but with the angled windshields of the Y1 class. The X2 class can be though of a single truck version of that class. Only six cars were built, and they made use of components such as 33 inch wheel and axle sets from withdrawn tramcars. They were also fitted with dead-man equipment, which was removed during 1946-7. This tramcar was used for a period in the 1950s and early 1960s as a driver-training car.

In 1963, this tramcar was sold complete to the TMSV after closure of the Footscray system the previous year. It is intended to restore this tramcar back to early 1950s green and cream livery complete with gold lining. The State Government retains another X2 class car, No 676, which forms part of the Heritage Fleet.

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