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  M&MTB X class No 217 in Dandenong Road
M&MTB X class No 217 in Dandenong Road.

Credits and acknowledgements

We would like to thank all the people who generously contributed material and resources for our website, in particular:

  • TMSV members Russell Jones, Graham Jordan and Keith S. Kings
  • Graeme Turnbull
  • Valma Fell from the Burwood History Group
  • Colin Gillam, for scanning many of the images and other material used in this website
  • Andy Blume, for hosting this website

Most of the text, unless otherwise credited, was written by Russell Jones. Images, unless otherwise credited, are from the TMSV collection. Every precaution has been taken with the attribution of original sources, however any corrections should be forwarded to us.

Links to other sites are for information only and do not imply any endorsement of those sites or their content by the TMSV.

Our website was designed & developed by Noelle Jones.

This publication may not, in whole or in part, be lent, copied, photocopied, reproduced, translated or reduced to any electronic medium or machine readable form without the express written permission of the copyright holder.

Last updated 4 June 2007.
Content copyright © Russell Jones 2001-7. Reproduced with permission.