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Current projects: recent and forthcoming acquisitions

The TMSV has acquired Adelaide H class car no 373, which is expected to arrive at Bylands early in 2006.

The most recent acquisitions in the collection apart from the above car were W2 646 and Y1 612. No 646 has entered revenue service, with No 612 awaiting completion of some minor body work before regular running commences.

Acquisition of another Z1 or Z2 tramcar to join Z1 5 is being considered, but this decision is still pending. A decision will be made after the next tranche of Z1/2 withdrawals. It is also expected that we will acquire one or two Z1/2 cars for sourcing spare parts.

The TMSV has negotiated the loan from the State Government of W2 323 and Sydney R 1845. These two tramcars are currently in store at Newport Workshops, and are awaiting transfer to Bylands, pending the resolution of some legal issues.

Last updated 15 January 2006.
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