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M&MTB AEC Regal Mark III No 537

This bus entered service with the M&MTB on 27 May 1953, one of a batch of 50 with bodies built by Martin & King and one of a total of 135 of this chassis design to join the Board between 1951 and 1954.

M&MTB AEC Regal Mark III No 537 at Glenhuntly depot (2002)
M&MTB AEC Regal Mark III No 537 at Glenhuntly depot (2002).

These were the last half-cab buses to be acquired by the M&MTB. The body design on all these buses was very similar, the major variation being the placement of the front passenger door. Many of the buses had this door placed close to the front bulkhead to enable one-man operation, the driver being easily able to collect fares. Subsequently the majority of this design variation was later shortened, seating as a result being reduced from 41 to 32 seats. In this form they were nicknamed ‘bobtails’. The reason for this modification was to enable their use as one-man buses, as an industrial relations case enforced two-man crews for buses with more than 32 seats.

However, No 537 was designed with the front door some distance from the driver’s bulkhead, so it was always crewed by both a driver and a conductor. No 537 is in the livery in which it entered service — tramways green with a silver roof and cream stripe.


Chassis AEC Regal Mark III
Body builders

Commonwealth Engineering (65): 346-363, 432-449, 501-529
Martin & King (69): 531-599
Ansair (1): 530

Length 33 feet 7.5 inches
Weight 8 ton 5 cwt - 8 ton 15 cwt
Power 53 hp
Transmission 4-speed pre-selector
Seats 41
Built 1951-54
Fleet numbers 346-363, 432-449, 501-599
Number built 135
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Last updated 20 April 2005.
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