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M&MTB X1 No 467


M&MTB X1 No 467 in Collins Street

M&MTB X1 No 467 in Collins Street Melbourne

These single truck saloon tramcars were basically a copy of the two Birney tramcars imported in 1923. No 467 was built by the M&MTB in 1927 for use on the isolated Footscray tramway system, along with its nine sister cars. These tramcars were also fitted with dead-man control equipment, but the major difference to the Birney tramcars was the rear door on each side of the tramcar, along with upholstered seats, which one imagines were much appreciated by passengers. The flip over seat frames were recycled from withdrawn single truck tramcars — the cast steel frames in 467 show the name of their original manufacturer. It shares some components in common with W2 type tramcars which were being constructed concurrently by the M&MTB.

The X1 class tramcars spent most of their lives in use on the Footscray system. They were notable for never having route number boxes fitted, as well as the fairly unusual destinations on their rolls, such as Explosives Factory and Pyrotechnics Factory. Between 1930-6 it spent time as a backup tourist car for periods when Y 469 was unavailable for traffic. No 467 spent some time on the main system between 1954-7 as an all-night car.

It was withdrawn on closure of the Footscray system on 10 March 1962, and presented to the AETA in July of the same year, being transferred to the TMSV in 1963. Since 1971 it has spent most of its time at Bylands, with the occasional trip back to Melbourne for tours.

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