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Geelong Pengelley No 22


Geelong No 22 in Moorabool Street (1954). Photograph Ken McCarthy

Geelong No 22 in Moorabool Street (1954). Photograph Ken McCarthy.

This tram is one of eight that were ordered by MESCo from Pengelley & Co of Adelaide for service in Geelong in 1924-5, in the form of a straight sill closed combination car. These were the largest and heaviest single truck passenger tramcars built in Australia, and also the last to be built with clerestory roofs, and they were the last new cars built for service in Geelong, as all subsequent additions to the fleet were purchased from the M&MTB.

These tramcars were also notable for their use of the Brill Radiax truck, whose only other use in Victoria was with the MBCTT T class tramcars. Strictly speaking, these tramcars were obsolete when built.

No 22 was one of the four Pengelley tramcars which were not modified for use as one man tramcars, remaining in two man configuration for its entire life. It was taken over along with the Geelong system by the SECV in 1930, and remained in service until the closure of the system in 1956.

This tramcar was acquired without a truck in 1969 — that of T class 182 being acquired from the M&MTB and modified for use when this vehicle is restored. It is proposed to restore this tramcar into its original configuration and maroon colour scheme as a MESCo tram.

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