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Interior of X2 680 under restoration. Photograph William Fedor

Interior of X2 680 under restoration. Note the Brill flipover seats. Photograph William Fedor.


TMSV news

X2 680 restoration moves ahead

The completion of the GreenCorps scheme earlier this year saw significant strides made on the restoration of X2 680. Work is steadily continuing under the direction of Doug Prosser, ably aided by his wife Sawako together with members Bill Johnson and John Walker.

Roof detail. Photograph William FedorThe roof timbers now stripped of paint show the glories of Australian hardwood varnished to perfection. Note the polished brass bellcord hangers. Photograph William Fedor.


One of the discoveries made by Doug’s crew — with the application of sandpaper and much sweat — was that contrary to popular opinion, class leader X2 680 (briefly numbered 674) was never painted in chocolate, but came out of Preston Workshops in 1930 in standard M&MTB green & cream.

Work is concentrating returning the interior to the appearance of the tram circa 1948, as shown in the accompanying photographs by William Fedor that show the glories of varnished timber and polished brass once a common sight on Melbourne’s tramways.

One hurdle the crew faces is the need to reupholster the Brill seats — one hundred years old this year — recycled from scrapped U class trams. This will cost about $5000, so those people wanting to see X2 680 again (or for the first time) in full glorious operating condition since 1962 can send tax deductible donations to our Secretary.

GE K36 controller now in black enamel. Photograph William FedorGE K36 controller now in black enamel. Photograph William Fedor.


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Last updated 7 November 2006.
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