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M&MTB W2 646 being unloaded at Bylands. Photograph Rebecca Edwards.

M&MTB W2 646 being unloaded at Bylands, 8 March 2005. Photograph John Walker.


TMSV news

Trams arrive at Bylands

Two trams were added to the TMSV’s collection at Bylands on 8 March 2005. Former M&MTB trams W2 646 and Y1 612 arrived on long term loan from the State Government.

Before entering regular service at the museum, some work will be required on both trams — some minor electrical work on W2 646 to make it fully functional, and Y1 612 will require repainting as it was heavily graffiti-ised several years ago.

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Last updated 16 January 2006.
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