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Volunteers positioning rail, 3 October 2003. Photograph Becky Edwards.

Four hardworking volunteers positioning 60 lb rail the old fashioned way on road C of the Exhibition Shed, 3 October 2004. Photograph Becky Edwards.


TMSV news

Exhibition fan: work begins

Work has commenced on the construction of the first phase of the Exhibition Shed depot fan. The first phase consists of laying about 80 feet of straight track connected to each of Exhibition Shed roads C and D, the latter being the workshops road. Completion of this first phase will enable trams to be moved into the Exhibition Shed by crane — the only method available until the completed depot fan is connected to the main line.

The trams initially scheduled to be moved into the Exhibition Shed on completion of the first phase are all currently off-site: Q 199 at North Fitzroy Depot, and W2 323 and Sydney R 1845 at Newport Workshops. Restoration work on Q 199 is expected to resume on its return to Bylands.

Anyone wishing to volunteer and be a part of this project should contact Graham Jordan.

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Last updated 6 October 2004.
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